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The Complete Gas Installation System

BOAGAZ is made from a high grade stainless steel and is leak tested with helium to ensure a 100% leak tight installation. The yellow PE coating protects the tube from external corrosion. Kitemarked to BS EN 15266.The use of the unique re-makeable twin seal fitting ensures a gas tight joint every time.

Fast Installation:
Uniquely the corrugated tube is heat treated after manufacture to make it more pliable so that it can be easily shaped by hand. The unique re-makeable twin seal fittings require no hot working and are fitted using standard tools. Installation times are drastically cut compared to conventional methods.

Easy Handling:

Handling is made very easy as the tubing is light weight and can be readily dispensed from the optional re-useable caddy. Continuous lengths of up to 75m ensure fewer fittings are required, increasing productivity and reducing potential leaks.

Flexible Installation:

Depending on the application BOAGAZ can be supported using standard pipe clamps and drop rods or can be laid
on cable trays. It can also be directly buried in floor screed or hidden in walls and ducts in accordance with BS 6891.

Simple to use software is available to help size and plan gas installations. Online installer training and certification.


Flexible - bend by hand to tight radius
Reduce potential leak points - fewer joints
Fewer fittings - lower cost
Less "site wasteage" - not so good to weigh in as copper!
Use no heat
Most sizes in stock

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Make up the hose in a few minutes, on site

Use no heat!

Save hours on each installation!



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Most sizes in stock

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